14 May 2006

Some things to expect in EL soon.

I am almost done with the new harvestible stuff (the hydrogenium ore, for the time being), and tomorrow it should be done, so expect it in the game this week.
Now, what's so special about the hydrogenium, and what is it?

Metastable metallic hydrogen (MSMH) is a hypothetical degenerate state of matter, where after being exposed to a very high temperature and pressure, the hydrogen becomes metallic, and it retains it's metallic form even after the pressure and temperature returns to normal.
So far, due to technical limitations, there is no known MSMH, but some people speculate it might exist inside Jupiter, for example. And maybe inside some stars? Who knows?

The advantage of having a video game is that you are not bound to the reality, and you can invent and distort stuff. It's called an artistic license :)
So in EL, the hydrogenium is MSMH, which is very lightweight, and pretty strong. And it's readily available for mining :)

The mining, however, will be extremely difficult. Not only that it is in a very inaccessible places, past a cave full of dangers with extreme heat areas that can kill weak players in a second, in addition to being a PK map. Not only that you will need a high harvesting skill (to be determined). But the worst of all, which will make the hydrogenium ore very expensive indeed, is that it will require a 'consumable item' to be harvested.
The consumable item is a new and sadistic addition to the game, that only my evil mind could conceive. Basically, from now on, all the rare harvestible stuff will require an item to be sacrificed in order to harvest the ore.
And what better item can be used to harvest hydrogenium than a Steel Two Edged Sword? :)
Again, you will not be required to WEAR it to harvest the hydrogenium, you will be required to have one in your inventory. And for each hydrogenium ore you TRY to harvest, whether you fail or not, whether you are full or not, a Steel Two Edged Sword from your inventory will disappear.
Does this makes sense? Hardly. But don't forget that this is a game, and the real life rules do not apply here. And if you think that the real life rules make sense, try to explain the mechanism behind the quantum entanglement :)

Now, what will the hydrogenium ore be used for? Hydrogenium bars, of course. How many? 10 for one bar (subject to change).
The bars will be used in combination with other metals such as steel and titanium to create the new armors/shields.

In case you are wondering why the requirements are so excessive, they are so for a few reasons:
1. To encourage people to manufacture and sell their bounty of Steel Two Edged Swords.
2. To prevent macroing and overproduction of the hydrogenium bars, and, implicitly, the new armors. (keeping them rare)
3. To remove some of the mindlessness of harvesting.
4. To encourage people to go to the new continent.
5. To encourage some politics, such as guilds guarding the entrance to the hydrogenium cave, protection fees, and so on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so after a few small calculations: S2Es dont stack, so you can carry at most 36 of them, making a maximum of 36 hydrogenium ore each run. 10 neeed for a bar, so you can probably only make 3 bars per mining run. Depending on the other ingredients needed to make bars, I would figure that one bar will cost about 4-6kgc, at least in the beginning.

It will certainly be very profitable to slay unwary hydro miners, so PKers will frequent those mines often. This might encourage the building of "pirate" crews where a few PKers work together to kill hydro miners and their guards. This is just a picture I am drawing in my mind, but I am not sure I like that picture ...

15/5/06 05:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's very interesting to make something that hard to produce in order to achieve rarity.

I wonder about one thing though: will the new tit plate be available in EL Shop? Because it would kinda defeat the purpose.. people would buy it with their credit cards, or harvest tons of blue lupines to pay gc to someone that can buy for them.

15/5/06 08:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really intresting and will probably encurage teamwork, both from miners and PKers. Mercenaries the new "role" in EL?
This should also work very well in keeping the new armours rare and expensive, plus giving lower level manufacturers something usefull to make.

15/5/06 09:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very clever. I like it Ent. This will change the dynamics of those who greatly desire the new armors. Perhaps PKers will guard the area for the advanced harvesters in exchange for the armor. Not all PKers have harvest lvl above say 70. They will need someone to get it for them.

15/5/06 10:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh this is interesting... but I guess the strongerst guilds will be stronger tho :/ but very very interesting. worth trying

15/5/06 15:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY! Finally!
Something else to do with swords, you know, besides poking bunnies in the head. ^_^

15/5/06 16:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely wonderful idea. I absolutely love it i hope that you will find secondary uses for some of the other "non-used" items in the future. Glad to see you came back to developing the game, but that was probably quite ahwile ago and i just havent been here long enough to know.


17/5/06 20:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand reason behind "steel 2edged sword" but why that one? Why not steel long, for example, or broad sword, or even iron sword. I would actually give ability to use all those "low-level" swords, but somehow balance successfull harvests, depending on which sword is used.

18/5/06 11:07  

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