04 April 2006

The update today

Having tested the Guild Merchant NPCs for about a month now, I am resonable confident that there are no exploits or major problems with them, so they will be added today in the game.
A few new manufacturing formulas will also be added in the game, mainly for some of the new teleportation rings. We have also lowered the price of the new teleport rings to 300 - to buy and 150 - to sell.

Meanwhile, I've got the forked client to compile and link, and I will be working at making it functional (that is, display a map and the player).
I will post some screenshots once this is done.


Blogger Donny said...

I just started playing last night so I have yet to join a guild. Had many troubles installing the game on my laptop the game doesn't like the ATi Xpress 200M too much for some reason even with the Omega Drivers and super low settings in the ini.

But I did successfully install on my main system with a Nvidia card and it plays very nicely :) ATi cards in my oppinion suck anyhow just not much choice when buying a laptop on what kind of graphics card you want.

5/4/06 08:23  
Blogger Radu said...

I have an ATI Mobility 9600, 64 MB RAM, and it works great with the Omega drivers...
How many FPS do you get?

5/4/06 13:33  
Blogger Donny said...

None at all, I would see the screen display then my mouse would lag real hard to the point where I would just have to reboot. I noticed others had the problem on the forums as well noone seemed to have a straight answer. So I kept trying all kinds of settings and drivers with no luck.

Sometimes the screen would just turn black and mouse would move almost like its using all processing power even with fps set to 15-20fps. (I thought that might be the issue even though its a 64bit AMD 2.0ghz with 1256mb ram)

5/4/06 21:35  
Blogger Radu said...

Those are my exact system specs, except for the video card, and the game works great.

Judging by what you describe, could it be an overheating problem? Have you noticed that in other games?

5/4/06 21:49  
Blogger Donny said...

I don't think its overheating because I've never had the mouse move slow during an overheat just the whole screen would go black.

What was happening with EL was it would start to play I could see the character but then it would run slowely only after seconds. Once in a while the window would go black and the mouse would still lag like there was heavy processor usage, I couldn't even get CTRL+ALT+DEL to work.

Also note I'm not playing full screen. I just find it odd the game seems to not like the card...

5/4/06 22:48  
Blogger Radu said...

It is normal for the mouse to go slow during an overheating problem, but it usually happens on P4 processors, which underclock themselves if too hot.

Anyway, I have no idea what's causing this problem, I didn't hear about it before (this exact problem).
Did you try to play with some of the options, in el.ini, see if it helps?

5/4/06 22:52  
Blogger Donny said...

Yes I have unfortunately none have helped. I will try again with different drivers and low settings again maybe move the framerate lower even, if not oh well.

5/4/06 23:20  
Blogger Donny said...

Also note it has a very slow harddrive, does the game use the harddrive all that much? 2MB cache and 4200rpm I think. I also think it sounds like overheating but no other game has ever done this to me before. Mind you I play Guildwars and Warcraft 3 and it doesn't overheat.

5/4/06 23:25  
Blogger Donny said...

Hey Radu thanks for your help I finally got it even using the newest ATi Drivers the problem is with the particals, I guess it was slowing my card up not really sure why. I set it to 0 and it now works perfectly. Maybe I will try to move them up a bit later but right now 0 is fine. :) YAY now I can play on both of my computers. Somehow I accidently made a female in the game hehe was too eager and tired last night so I must have accidently selected the wrong sex.

6/4/06 00:06  

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