05 April 2006

Server update

Last night we updated the server, and so far no problems were found with the merchant NPCs. However, it is premature to declare that everything went as expected, because if there are problems they will most likely happen in the following days, after a guild has aquired an NPC, and starts selling items.

Meanwhile, my "single player EL" project is going along fine. Yesterday I've managed, with some help from Learner, to make it display a map, the HUD, and one (the) player.
You can't do anything for the time being, just rotate the camera and zoom in/out.
Now I am trying to adapt the server path finding algorithm to the client. I am using an older path finding algorithm, which I've wrote about 3 years ago and has been in the server until last year, when Learner wrote a more efficient one.
If I don't run in unexpected complications, in a few days I should be able to have stuff moving around a map, but it depends on how much time I have available, how lazy I am, and various other factors.


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