16 April 2006

Generic EL development

Friday I got my 50F capacitors :)
I put them to good use, they are in a big RC solar powered card, and it works nicely, although there are some additional modifications I have to do. More about it in another post.
The single player game I am working at is going well, finished with basic NPC dialogues implementation (so basically now you can chat with an NPC using the Pawn script).
In the following days I will have to add more functions that are available to Pawn, a few more callbacks, and all kind of other stuff I don't feel like talking about now.

Friday we had an EL server crash in the morning. Learner 'fixed' the problem and restarted the server, but the fix was more of a hack, we'd like to see what is the root of the problem. The annoying thing is that we had that bug a while ago, and we fixed it, which is kind of strange. We'll have to do some more tests and determine the exact cause. But hopefully, the checks Learner placed there should prevent other crashes.

Today I came out with an idea that pretty much everyone likes, which is rare this days. I mean it is rare for everyone to like an idea.
You can read more about it on our forums, but in case you are too lazy to click the link, here is the short version:
Use some low end weapons to summon various monsters. This is good for the fighters, because they can sell their drops to players. It is good for the manufacturers, because they can sell their surplus to the summoners. And it is good for the summoners because they can summon more stuff, and get more exp.

I am going to start implementing this today. It is trivial to implement, but just like any new formula, a lot of boring work on my part is necessary (editing loads of files).
If everything goes well (that is, I don't get bored to death and procastinate a little) they should be available tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This new summoning idea sounds like a great start to try to fix the current economy. It already looks like your thread that was linked is turning into a discussion about that as well. Anyways, great work as usual.

17/4/06 00:21  

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