01 April 2006

Forking the EL client, continued

The client forking is going on well, although it is slightly more difficult than anticipated.
What I am doing now is basically removing the multiplayer spect of the game, along with stuff such as the chat tabs, skills windows, encyclopedia, books, and many other functions that do not really belong to a single player game.
Obviously, removing stuff is easier than adding new things, but nevertheless it's still a lot of work.
Whenever a file is removed, there are compilation issues because other files rely on the file that has been removed, so a lot of code reviewing is needed.
Yesterday I've managed to get a trimmed down version to compile (but not link yet), and right now I am in the process of trimming down a little more, then make it actually link.
After this is done, I will clean more of the code, such as removing some of the #defines, left over functions and variables, and so on.
Then, a preliminary test will be needed so that I can load a map and a few NPCs, and once that works as expected I will have to embed the Pawn language, rework the inventory menu, and various other trivial but time consuming tasks.


Blogger Donny said...

Sounds like that is going well. I'm sure someone will find it useful especially since there are many people out in the world with little to no programming experience who would love to make a game. If you happen to need any help at all with testing, coding, or whatever else just let me know right now I'm not really busy with much and looking for something to do. I just got kicked out of my place in Chicago so I'm now living back at home in good old Hermitage, Pa. So now I am jobless for the moment, looking for a new job and maybe put some of the free time to use.

Also I wanted to ask what happened with the other game you were working on? Still working on it or just taking a little break?

3/4/06 05:28  

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