27 March 2006

Some more downtime for today

Yesterday and a large part of today, our server, along with all the servers in the datacenter, was running on Diesel generators.
When the datacenter guys started to fix the problem (switching back to the main power supply) our hosted shut down all the servers, as a preventive measure. The 'switching back to normal power' process took longer than expected, so our players were forced to see the outside world, for about 6 hours :)

Learner has implemented a nice feature where the EL server detects a SIG TERM signal and saves all the data, then shuts down gracefully. This new feature has been extremely useful today, because not only it saved the work of a lot of players, but it prevented possible items duplication.

And on a totally unrelated note, here is a very nice and addictive live stream. Just seen it on Digg today, thought you might like it as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm always impressed when a indie developer actually manages to develop and run a MMORPG (and even a successful one!). Congratulations!

28/3/06 13:59  

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