26 March 2006

First post

I have decided to move my journal from gamedev.net for various reasons I will not get into.
I am new to this interface, but from what I've seen in other's blogs, it should be much easier to format my messages, which is always a good thing.

Last night, around 4 AM, the data center which hosts the Eternal Lands server lost it's power, again. Last time it happened was about a month ago. This is really annoying, especially because that data center is bragging on how they have Diesel generators and UPSes and they guarantee the electricity will never go down.

Our players weren't that thrilled either about the downtime, and they managed to post 522 comments on the "Omfg server is down!!11" thread. That thread has been viewed more than 11K times. In addition to that, the server went down without saving the players data, which is always bad. Not only that some players can lose their progress since the last time they logged in (or traded), but in some cases it allows item duplication. Of course, without knowing when the server will crash, it is hard to exploit this issue, so the item duplication is relatively minor, but still, it's not good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember that you are hosted by a French company - it is true that a French Datacenter had some big troubles in the past days. That's pretty bad :/ I hope they'll solve their problems soon.

-- Emmanuel D.

28/3/06 13:53  
Blogger Radu said...

The problem is fixed now, and we really hope it won't happen again in the near future. Twice in a month is quite a lot, so long for their 100% uptime waranty :)

28/3/06 21:25  
Blogger rogerdv said...

Welcome to blogger. I would have recommended you a better blogging software, but well...

30/3/06 09:24  

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